Monday, April 30, 2012

A Mole, Is Like A Rodent - With A Machinegun.

Hello Mole People. I write to you, to confirm that Invasion Of The Killer Moles will no longer be updated on a weekly basis
If I were to continue updating as frequently as I started out doing, I would have to reveal too much content of the game. I do want there to be a few unknowns when people finally get to play it : P

Although, with that said, there will continue to be frequent updates, hopefully more frequent than of late. I'll try to get a blog post done on a bi-weekly basis, though no promises. In-between however, there will be guest blogs and other "relevant" blog posts. 
The official blog posts will come from this account, while I'll post other, relevant things from the "Staude" account.

Now that that's over with.

News !

Many things have transpired since the last blog post, most notably, another level is up on the droid and running - With minor lag :P - Have been optimized a bit, but will be optimized further later in development.
It's level 2 : Suburbs. The level that has you breaking into an old mans house to help him fend off the coming mole invasion. 
Speaking of old man Henderson. This is he:

Stereotype ? I Have no idea what you are talking about.

Hes your friendly neighbor. He lives next door, and loves to know what's going on in the neighborhood. He makes sure to keep his own home very private though, so few knows, or cares about what's going behind his closed doors.

Next up we have a special treat for all of you, one of the tracks from the in-game soundtrack.

The music of the game is provided by the awesome composer known as Replacer. 

As the embed has probably let you to notice, we have a new  dedicated Killer Moles SoundCloud. You can find it here.

On another related note, I'm very happy to be able to introduce you all to the official facebook page of Killer Moles: - You may find it a little empty, but real promotion of the game wont start till it's closer to completion. :)

That is all for this time, please be sure to check back regularly for more mole goodness, and sound off your thoughts below.

Remember to check out our facebook and twitter - and spread the word. That is all.
Thank you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sabotage ! - Video included.

 Clearly an attempt to sabotage development, by command of the Boss Mole

On another, more positive note, Invasion Of The Killer Moles, now have an official twitter, you can find it and follow latest developments at!/KilllerMoles.

As a last point, Introducing, The Runner Mole.
 Don't try this at home. Also, Run if you see one of these.

 The runner mole is a melee unit that rushes you, often in packs, hoping to take you down using sheer numbers and maneuverability. Fortunately, it's kinda fat and not very fast. If it does get in range however, expect to take major damage.

Well, that's it for this week. Make sure you sound off below, ask your questions and even give ideas that you might think would improve upon the game or the blog. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Will Moles Survive Global Warming ?

I don't know.

However, I do know, that they will fight it using their superior technology !

Welcome to another Invasion Of The Killer Moles blog post. This is your captain speaking, and I see clear waters.
These days, development is focused on the later part of the game, where you will take part in vehicle sequence(s). Now, saying later part, doesn't necessarily mean a lot, but it does mean that it comes after the first part, where you.. Do not, take part in any vehicle sequence(s).

Another way to re-purpose an otherwise unused family car.

For whatever weird reason (probably a situation like the one you find yourself in, in the game) your redneck friend has had the foresight to rebuild his parents old family car into - A technical. A two seater with a mounted machine gun.

The car, named Stella, will be your companion for a good chunk of the campaign. It might look like it's about to break-down(and sound like it too), but it is, so it's all good. Good luck with that.

Next up, I'm going to properly present another mole. It's the Attack Mole
Moles are not known for their creative naming

The Attack Mole, is a mole type, you're going to meet multiple times throughout the campaign. He's going to get in your way, and he is going to do it a lot. As one of the enemy types that directly inflict damage upon you, it's often recommended to get rid of him before you focus on moles that only affect you indirectly. One such as these, would be the Technician Mole - Of course - It depends on the scenario you might find yourself in throughout the game.

That's all for this time, so thank you for reading and make sure you post your thoughts below :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mole Invasion Goes Mobile

Welcome to another IOTKM blog post. Yes that does sounds ridiculous. That's why I never write the title that way. Now .. For some KillerMoles !

Today I'm proud to present, that Invasion Of The Killer Moles goes Mobile !
It will still be available as a game playable directly in your web browser right on your PC, but it will also be available on both Android phones with 2.33(Gingerbread) or later, and The iPhone.

Moles, Now also at your fingertips

I was fortunate to get offered free licenses for both phone OS'es, and naturally I wanted to try it out right away. When I first tried to compile the games scripts to Android, I had 157 errors that I had to get fixed, but as you can see, in the end, it succeeded :P

Next up, represented by the Plant Hat Community, is Drivermole.
The Mole that has the most fascination for human items, Drivermole is not only technologically proficient, it also enjoys long walks on the beach and digging through vases. The picture below will be added to the picture feed.
Drivermole. Don't ever let him drive.

To round up this blog post, I present Drivermole Promo art. It shows Drivermole doing what he likes to do best. Driving. It can be downloaded in 1080p and used as a wallpaper. You can get it here.

Drivermole likes to be the center of attention.

Thank you for your time, and make sure to sound off below with your thoughts :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to Invasion of the killer moles Development Blog

This blog is intended to be updated on at least a weekly basis. It will provide information about Invasion Of The Killer Moles Computer Game leading up to it's release, as well as other related information.

What is Invasion Of The Killer Moles ?

Invasion Of The Killer Moles, is a upcoming game that's going to run directly in your Web Browser. It's going to be a first person game, although not a regular first person shooter. In gameplay, it's best described as a cross between Time Crisis and Duck Hunt, with some other ideas thrown in there.

The premise is that you wake up one day, to find the world invaded by moles. They are tired of your human oppression and so the time has come for them to take, what they believe, is rightfully theirs.

It's not going to be the longest game, as only one person is developing it. It will however, feature full cut-scenes, voice acting and a full soundtrack. If the base game turns out to be popular, there will be options towards supporting, not only a phone release, but also an expanded version of the game, with more levels, more game modes and perhaps even a downloadable high resolution version.

Thank you very much for your time, I hope you'll check back regularly for updates on the game, comments on additions you'd like to see, participate, and in general enjoy this blog :)

Regards - Staude.